Engineered Pump Solutions Portfolio

The prefabricated pump skid and enclosure system was meticulously engineered to address the specific needs of managing water collected in the landfill leachate storage pond, ensuring efficient discharge to the landfill leachate sump. Featuring two self-priming centrifugal pumps, the system operates seamlessly, automatically adjusting its operation based on water levels in the Landfill Leachate Storage […]
The Mine Mill Water Reclaim Pump Skids were inspired by the Taconite Mine Pit Dewatering Pump Station design without the enclosure. These skids were crafted to facilitate efficient water reclamation from the tailings pond, ensuring optimal operational performance. Each of the three skids features a Cornell 81024MX-CD4-F12DB pump capable of moving water at 4,000 gallons […]
This custom-designed and sourced project was developed as a plug-and-play solution for handling coal pile runoff wastewater at a coal-fired power plant. The plant had specifications of 1,500 gpm at 50 ft of TDH (Total Dynamic Head). The project scope included the installation of a new under-boiler Submerged Flight Conveyor (SFC), which collects, dewaters, and […]
Ensuring a reliable water supply to the jetting nozzles on the bottom ashhoppers at a coal-fired power plant demands precision and reliability. Tomeet this critical need, this meticulously engineered comprehensive systemwas custom-designed. This system comprises of two Flowserve pumps, eachmounted on a 9ft x 17ft x 6″ skid, and includes 8″ and 12″ FRP piping,butterfly […]
The Raw Water Supply Pump House, designed to serve a water treatment plant, embodies precision engineering tailored to meet the water supply demands of a northern Minnesota city. The pumps are anchored on a floating barge with an enclosure and gangway extending from the shore. Central to its operation are two Flowserve 08EML FPD – […]
The Basin Dewatering Pump Dock project was custom-designed to provide a seamless solution for managing water reclamation from a Taconite Mine Tailings Basin, ensuring efficient water reuse within the plant premises. The project featured a sophisticated floating barge system comprising multiple barges equipped with gangways, each housing a single pump unit. Anti-grounding floats were integrated […]
The Taconite Mine Pit Dewatering Pump Station is a testament to precision engineering tailored to address the unique challenges of dewatering operations in mining environments. Primarily tasked with pumping clean water containing minor solids and fines from runoff water, this application specified a Cornell 81024MX centrifugal pump. Under Condition Point 1, operating in parallel, the […]
Quarry, pit, and mine work revolves around water. You have to move, pump, store, and manage it. To accomplish all that effectively, you need pit dewatering solutions that work. Incorporating GPM’s Pit Master Dewatering Barge Systems into your plans will improve your business functions. GPM’s experienced engineering and production teams will configure your pump and […]
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