High Head

GPM’s newest and latest design is our new HH series. Developed for underground mining and pit dewatering to handle low flow high head situations.

GPM has served in the mining industry for over 45 years with our industry-leading GPM-Eliminator™ slurry pump. Our pumps continue to be used in applications from dewatering to pumping 70% solids, with success driven by the sheer reliability of our product. We designed the GPM-Eliminator High Head Pump (HH2) to address common issues in underground dewatering mining applications.

Applications Served: 

  • Shaft Bottom to Start
  • Ramp Applications – Already set up for High Head Pumping
  • Between Shaft Bottoms
  • Face Dewatering

CD4CMu Wet End & open impeller design

50’ Cable with Longer Options Available

16SS Shaft Construction

Inverter Duty Motor with Class H Winding Insulation

Download a PDF version of the High Head Pump overview

    High Head Pump Curve

    High Head Pumps Come Standard With the Following Features:

    50′+ Cable

    Run dry capabilities, Class H (180°C) winding insulation

    28% high-chrome, 650+ Brinell hardness or CD4MCu wet-end materials

    416SS shaft construction

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