Not all applications call for a submersible pump, so we maintained all the Made Tough™ factors that make the GPM-Eliminator™ Pumps the best on the market into an equally suitable design for various applications in the most demanding industries.

Horizontal Add Ons:

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Various shaft alloys (304SS, 316SS)

Permanently Lubricated Mechanical Seal Reservoir: Added lubrication and cooling, extending seal life

Oversized Shaft and Bearing Design: Increases seal and bearing life with minimal shaft deflection

Heavy Duty Outbound Slurry Mechanical Seal: Abrasion-resistant and corrosion resistant seal components

Eliminating Mechanical Seal Packing and Seal Flushing

Download a PDF version of the Horizontal Pump overview

    Liquid End Configurations Available

    Even Wear (EW) Series

    Developed to pump thick heavy tailings efficiently in horizontal and vertical applications.

    Low Head (LH) Series

    GPM’s original slurry liquid end. Designed to outlast any submersible pump in abrasive applications.

    GT Series

    Developed for higher efficiency and higher heads than the LH series.


    Pumping Solutions 

    Horsepower (Hp): 5 – 800

    Flow (USGPM): 50 – 10,000+

    Head (ft): 350+

    Solids Diameter (in): 1 – 4.5

    Discharge Size (in): 2-20


    Water Management Solutions 

    Horsepower (Hp): 5 – 800

    Flow (USGPM): 50 – 20,000+

    Head (ft): 1,500+

    Solids Diameter (in): Varies

    Discharge Size (in): 2-20

    All Pumps Come Standard With the Following Features:

    33′+ Cable

    Inverter duty motor, Class H (180°C) winding insulation

    28% high-chrome, 650+ Brinell hardness or CD4MCu wet-end materials

    Dual SiC vs. SiC mechanical seals

    416SS shaft construction

    Industries Served by the Horizontal Pump

    More GPM-Eliminators

    High Head
    Extended Shaft
    Submersible Mixer
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