Submersible Mixer

Model # SBMX2S200-4T4-15.0

Manufactured to handle the toughest, most demanding mixing applications with up to 50 feet of agitation radius, the GPM-Eliminator™ Mixer Pump can suspend just about any slurry media for a more streamlined and consistent pumping process.

Available options:


  • Flow: 1950 gpm
  • Pump Diameter: 22.5”
  • 230 Hp
  • CD4MCuN – Liquid End
  • 29’ Effective Cleaning Radius


  • Flow: 7600 gpm
  • Pump Diameter: 34”
  • 350 Hp
  • CD4MCuN – Liquid End
  • 50’ Effective Cleaning Radius

Class H or N Motor Insulation

Alternative material options including Cd4MCu & 316SS

24/7/365 run-time capabilities

Meets Hydraulic Institute (HI) standards

Download a PDF version of the Submersible Mixer Pump overview

    All Pumps Come Standard With the Following Features:

    33′+ Cable

    Inverter duty motor, Class H (180°C) winding insulation

    28% high-chrome, 650+ Brinell hardness or CD4MCu wet-end materials

    Dual SiC vs. SiC mechanical seals

    416SS shaft construction

    Industries Served by the Submersible Mixer Pump

    More GPM-Eliminators

    High Head
    Extended Shaft
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