At GPM, we take our environmental impact seriously and implement sustainable manufacturing practices whenever possible. As a leading manufacturer of industrial pumps, we see many materials come through our shop daily. We make every effort to maximize the materials available to us. Some of our green efforts include:

Scrap recycling

The pump manufacturing process produces high-quality scrap metal that can be reused in other applications. In 2017, we recycled over 168,000 lbs of metal from our machine shop and service business. There’s no sense in wasting a good product. We’re committed to using scrap metal whenever possible—and if we can’t use it, we’ll send it along to someone who can.

Paper recycling

We recycle paper, cardboard, and other materials to keep our waste and costs minimal.

Mobil Synturion™ 6

We’ve used this non-hazardous food-grade barrier fluid for years to lubricate and excellent mechanical seals to maximize seal life.

Locally sourced and sustainable pallet lumber

We believe in the power of supporting local businesses. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. We buy rough-cut lumber from local suppliers for our shipping pallets.

Core Exchange Program 

We don’t want any GPM-Eliminator™ pumps sitting idle on closed job sites. Instead, we’ve built our Core Exchange Program to encourage customers to send unused pumps back to us in exchange for a new pump or service credit. This gives us an opportunity to examine used pumps and recycle all usable parts to rebuild, repair, and resell pumps.

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