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We manufacture and distribute the toughest, most reliable submersible and horizontal slurry pumps found anywhere in the world. We also represent world-class manufacturers providing solutions in fluid processing, air handling, mechanical seals, gearboxes, cooling towers, valves and many other products. 

At GPM, we’re pump and pump system experts in various industries and applications. Whether it’s our OEM GPM-Eliminator™, distributed product, or a custom-engineered solution, we’re a solutions-driven company, stopping at nothing until your pump problems are solved.


The GPM-Eliminator™ line of pumps was designed with the mining industry specifically in mind. Whether you need to dewater an open pit or transport slurry/abrasive materials – see how the GPM-Eliminator will tackle almost every application in your mining operation.

Steel & Metal Manufacturing

The GPM-Eliminator™ is engineered to handle the toughest and most demanding industries, and steel and metal manufacturing is one of the harshest. Coming standard with Class H insulation, overheating is an issue of the past. Say goodbye to corrosion due to slag & scale with the GPM-Eliminator. We’ll ensure your operation runs 24/7/365. 

Pulp & Paper

Pulp and paper manufacturing is a silent killer of pumps. Pumps in paper/pulp mills often handle staples, glass, sand, and other stringy mixtures. Inevitably, the pump wears rapidly and gets clogged, which tacks on a hefty maintenance/repair bill. The GPM-Eliminator™ handles such combinations of materials with ease. Cut down on your yearly pump maintenance bill and learn more about what solutions the GPM-Eliminator can offer your operation.


From lift station pumps to vertical turbine pumps, GPM represents top Municipal Pump brands and covers your Municipal pumping needs. GPM also fills a gap in local pump service and repair in the northern region of the US and Canada.

Power Generation

The GPM-Eliminator™ is known for its ability to pump up to 70% solids anywhere from 1”-4.5” in diameter, depending on the model. The GPM-Eliminator’s clearance isn’t the only factor supplementing its ability to handle solids easily. Another is using high chrome iron on the liquid end of the pump to allow for even and slow wear on both the impeller and casing. Read on to see how the GPM-Eliminator can handle any solids thrown at it in the Coal Fire Power Generation Industry.

Fuel & Ethanol

We like to describe the GPM-Eliminator™ as “durable,” “dependable,” and “reliable.” The submersible line of pumps finds applications across the ethanol plant due to its unique ability to pass large solids. Additionally, it is manufactured with a Class H insulation motor to prevent a recurring overheating pump. Need a pump in a pinch? Learn more about how GPM supports the Fuel & Ethanol Industry.

Other Industries We Serve

Need a pump or pump system for another industry? At GPM, we also work with the following industries:

  • Caustic and Acidic Sumps
  • Waste Sludge Handling
  • Tank Clean Out
  • Clean Up Sumps
  • Waste Collection Ponds
  • Thickener Clean Out
  • Barge Unloading
  • Receiving Collection Sumps Sugar: Lift Stations
  • Anaerobic Clarifiers
  • Aerobic Clarifiers
  • Ash Ponds
  • Rock Catcher Sumps
  • Beet Wash Down
  • Flume Sumps
  • Potato Plants: Plant Collection
  • Wash Down Sumps
  • Collection Sumps by Fiber Scrubber
  • Feed Loadout
  • Boiler Pad
  • Receiving Bay and Storage Areas
  • Skimmer Oil Sumps
  • API Lift Station High Solids Sumps
  • Coker Sumps
  • Sand and Bitumen Sludge Extraction Plant Emergency Dump Pond
  • Agricultural & Processing
  • Gravel & Aggregates 
  • Hydro Power
  • Nuclear
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