Power Generation

The GPM-Eliminator™ is known for its ability to pump up to 70% solids anywhere from 1″ to 4.5″ in diameter, depending on the model. The GPM-Eliminator’s clearance isn’t the only factor supplementing its ability to handle solids easily. Another is using high chrome iron on the liquid end of the pump to allow for even and slow wear on both the impeller and casing. Read on to see how the GPM-Eliminator can handle any solids thrown at it in the Coal Fire Power Generation Industry.

Pumps Made Tough

The Coal-Fired Power Generation operation needs a reliable pumping solution to maintain such essential energy. The GPM-Eliminator™ is the most reliable and consistent slurry pump on the market, passing solids up to 4.5” in diameter. It is built to handle abrasive materials with a high-chrome liquid end design.

Our submersible pump’s spray hole technology can agitate up to a 4-foot radius within a sump, allowing for adequate suspension of solids to reach the corners that are often difficult to reach.


  • Fuel:
    • Coal Washdown
    • Coal dumper sump
    • Polisher sump
    • Conveyor sump
  • Water/Steam
    • River water intake
    • Cooling tower overflow
    • Neutralization sump
    • Dewatering
    • Condensate blowdown
  • Environmental
    • Scrubber vaults
    • Metal wash
    • Gypsum pond
    • Limestone pond
    • Caustic sump
    • FGD process pumps
    • Scrubber lime slurry
    • Spend lime slurry
    • Absorber bleed pump
    • Ball mill slurry
    • Reagent slurry feed pump
    • FGD pond water
  • All of the Above
    • Material handling sump
    • Low-level waste sump
    • Pre-coat hold sump
    • Impund brine recovery sump
    • Bottom ask
    • Clarifier ash tank
    • Ash loadout sump
    • Plant collection sump
    • Site retention pond

The GPM Difference

Permanently lubricated bearings
No seal flush required
Increased Bearing support

Explosion Proof options available
28% high-chrome, 650+ Brinell hardness liquid ends
Spray hole casings for added sump agitation

Pumps solids up to 4.5” in diameter
Eliminate packing
Increased MTBF
Adjustable wear plates

Less shaft deflection
Run dry capabilities
Class H insulated premium efficiency motors

Pumps for Power Generation Industry

High Head
Extended Shaft
Submersible Mixer

Other Industries Served

Food & Beverage
Agriculture & Processing
Gravel & Aggregates
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