The GPM-Eliminator™ line of pumps was designed with the mining industry specifically in mind. Whether you need to dewater an open pit or transport slurry/abrasive materials – see how the GPM-Eliminator will tackle almost every application in your mining operation.


GPM understands the importance of smooth operation and continuous production in the mining sector. In 1989, we noticed a significant need for heavy-duty slurry pumps tough enough to transfer solids—specifically taconite pellets. Thus, the GPM-Eliminator™ was manufactured to address these needs by:

  • Ensuring even wear across the liquid end
  • Minimizing shaft deflection
  • Spray holes providing solids suspension and agitation
  • The ability to run dry 

We provide complete solutions for your mine’s dewatering applications, from single dewatering pumps to comprehensive dewatering systems. No matter the operation, we have the expertise and capability to provide reliable, cost-effective mine dewatering solutions.

Slurry Applications:

  • Clean out sumps
  • Ball mill sumps
  • Rod mill sumps
  • Cooler sumps
  • Seep water sumps
  • Crusher cleanout sumps
  • Pellet load out sumps
  • Screen house sumps
  • Conveyor sumps
  • Limestone sumps
  • Tailings sumps
  • Smelter sumps
  • Shaft bottom sumps
  • Slime settling sumps
  • Ore reclaim sumps
  • Paste fill operations
  • Concentrate transfer
  • Smelter washdown sumps
  • Slurry transfer
  • & more

The GPM Difference

Spray Hole Agitation

For additional sump agitation

Oversized Shaft

Run Dry Capabilities

(Class H Insulated Motor - 180°F)

High Chrome Liquid End

(650 Brinell Hardness)


Dewatering is a critical step when considering mine pit maintenance and longevity. Dewatering involves regulating the water level within the pit and moving water out when needed, providing benefits such as:

  • Allowing access to mineral deposits that otherwise would be unreachable
  • Extending the life and productivity of the mine pit
  • Protecting the company’s investment in expensive mining equipment
  • Ensuring the safety of all people involved in the mining process

The GPM mine dewatering solutions are more:

  • Reliable – Extended MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), which translates into a longer service life
  • Flexible – GPM-Eliminator™ can be completely submerged or barge-mounted
  • Lower maintenance – Self-priming with no auxiliary equipment required; will handle unexpected and occasional solids with ease
  • Cost-effective – Ultra-durability means lower maintenance requirements and fewer unexpected failures, which means a lower lifetime operating cost

Our dewatering solutions are high-performing, reliable, and cost-competitive from an installation and operational standpoint. GPM has the expertise in engineering complete custom dewatering systems to handle any application.

Dewatering Applications:

  • Drive-in sumps
  • Washdown sumps
  • Settling collection ponds
  • Ramp applications (already set up for high-head pumps)
  • Mine level sumps
  • Face dewatering
  • Tunnel sumps
  • & more

Pumps for Mining Industry

High Head
Extended Shaft
Submersible Mixer

Other Industries Served

Food & Beverage
Agriculture & Processing
Gravel & Aggregates
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