Steel & Metal Manufacturing

The GPM-Eliminator™ is engineered to handle the toughest and most demanding industries, and steel and metal manufacturing is one of the harshest. Coming standard with Class H insulation, overheating is an issue of the past. Say goodbye to corrosion due to slag & scale with the GPM-Eliminator. We’ll ensure your operation runs 24/7/365. 

Durable. Reliable. Dependable.

The steel and metal manufacturing industry often destroys a pump’s liquid end, resulting in repeated costly maintenance expenses. The GPM-Eliminator™ line of slurry pumps offers high-chrome liquid ends built to handle slag, iron, and other abrasive materials pumped across the plant.

In any manufacturing plant, sizing pumps to meet the application’s specs and run at their BEP (Best Efficiency Point) is critical in extending or maintaining a pump’s life. The GPM team is trained to perform a system analysis to calculate the exact flow and head needed to keep production up and running for longer. 

With lead times better than any other OEM pump manufacturer, GPM is ready to deliver a solution in weeks rather than months.


  • Blast Furnace Collection Sumps
  • Caster Flume Flush
  • Clarifier Underflow
  • Coke Fines Sump
  • Coke Quench Pumps
  • Cold Sheet Mill Sumps
  • Collection & Washdown Sumps
  • Hot & Cold Wells
  • Interceptor Pits
  • Lime Elevator Sumps
  • Lime Slacker Sumps
  • Pipe Mill Sumps
  • Plating Waste Sumps
  • Scale Mill Pits
  • Scrubber Recirculating Water Pumps
  • Skip Pit Sumps
  • Slag Pits
  • Thickener Sludge
  • Tube Mill Sumps
  • & more

The GPM Difference

Pump Durability

High Chrome Steel, CD4MCu, Oversized Pump Design

Mechanical Seal Design

Dual SiC vs. SiC Seal, No seal flush or added lubrication is required

Manufacturing Lead Times

Industry leading OEM lead times on the standard GPM-Eliminator™ product components in stock

Spray Hole Agitation

Up to four feet of sump agitation

Pumps for Steel & Metal Manufacturing Industry

High Head
Extended Shaft
Submersible Mixer

Other Industries Served

Food & Beverage
Agriculture & Processing
Gravel & Aggregates
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