Pulp & Paper

Pulp and paper manufacturing is a silent killer of pumps. Pumps in paper/pulp mills often handle staples, glass, sand, and other stringy mixtures. Inevitably, the pump wears rapidly and gets clogged, which tacks on a hefty maintenance/repair bill. The GPM-Eliminator™ handles such combinations of materials with ease. Cut down on your yearly pump maintenance bill and learn more about what solutions the GPM-Eliminator can offer your operation.

Durable & Reliable

The pulp and paper industry is one of the most critical industries in the world. To produce enough products, pump reliability is at the top of the priority list for any mill. Daily, pumps handle abrasive chemicals such as kraft, sulfite, neutral sulfite semi-chemical (NSSC), and soda combined with solid wood particles and other scrap materials. This combination is highly abrasive and the GPM-Eliminator™  is built with this issue in mind to reduce your mean time between failure (MTBF).


  • Clarifier sump
  • Clay sumps
  • Coating pumps
  • Dry end pulper pit sumps
  • Effluent sumps
  • Filter plant sumps
  • Finish room pulper pit sumps
  • Grit sumps
  • Lift station
  • Limekiln area sumps
  • Lime mud sumps
  • Recaust lime pit sumps
  • Process pumps
  • Process sumps
  • Pulp mill liquor sumps
  • Sewage pumps
  • Sludge pumps
  • Woodroom sumps
  • Woodyard sumps
  • U-drain sumps
  • Paper waste collection sump
  • Clean up sump

The GPM Difference

Efficient Solid Sump Processing

Due to the GPM-Eliminator’s spray hole technology, process pumping is the least of the mill’s worries; the solids are suspended with ease, preventing common sump build-up and downtime. There is no need for additional external solids suspension, saving the mill money in operations and maintenance.

Resilience Against Abrasion and Chemicals

The GPM-Eliminator utilizes CD4MCu, a combination of Fe-Cr-Ni-Cu-Mo with a more advanced ability to resist abrasion and erosion-corrosion. Handling abrasive solids is what the Eliminator does best; The casing, impeller, shaft, bearing, seals, rotor, and stator are designed to be oversized to combat unwanted vibrations when pumping solids—something that inevitably kills pumps.

Adaptability in Wet and Dry Conditions

The GPM-Eliminator can be run 24/7/365, wet or dry, due to its class H insulation, which protects the motor from overheating and withstands up to 356ºF.


Pumps for Pulp & Paper Industry

High Head
Extended Shaft
Submersible Mixer

Other Industries Served

Food & Beverage
Agriculture & Processing
Gravel & Aggregates
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