Case Studies:

Egg Processing
Portable Solution
Ski Hill
The Everlasting Pumps
Wilson Sump
Field Service
The Pit That Ate Pumps – Steel Mill Case Studies
High Head Case Study
Hydrapulper Spotlight
Extended Shaft GPM-Eliminator
Fuel & Ethanol – Corn Mash
US Power Generation Plant
Netzsch NEMO Pump Case Study
Municipal Water Treatment Plant
Trona-Processing Case Study
Engineered Pump Solution – Municipal Raw Water Pump
Vacuum Truck Field Service

Tip Sheet:

Repair or Replace
Extending Industrial Pump Life

Pump Overview:

GPM-Eliminator Extended Shaft
GPM-Eliminator Submersible
GPM-Eliminator Horizontal
GPM Dewatering Capabilities

White Paper:

Axial Flow Pumps
How to Specify a Pump


GPM Dewatering Brochure
GPM Dewatering Brochure – Spanish
GPM Dewatering Brochure – French

GPM-Eliminator™ Brochure 



GPM-Eliminator Submersible Pump Lineup (
Looping Spray Demo (
GPM Eliminator – Just Add More (
Eliminator Spray Demo (
GPM-Eliminator MX2 Submersible Mixer (
Dewatering Barge on Ice (
GPM Service & Repair (
GPM-Eliminator Dewatering Barge Pump Test Setup (
GPM Additional Overhead Hoist Installation (
GPM Dewatering Video 2019 (
GPM Dewatering Pump Barge Assembly (
GPM Pit Master Dewatering Barges (
GPM Dewatering Barge Construction (
Dewatering Barge on Ice (
Tsurumi AVANT™ MQ Series Overview | GPM Distribution | Municipal Market (
GPM, Inc.’s Engineering Capabilities | Leachate Storage Pond Pump House (

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