Basin Dewatering Pump Dock

The Basin Dewatering Pump Dock project was custom-designed to provide a seamless solution for managing water reclamation from a Taconite Mine Tailings Basin, ensuring efficient water reuse within the plant premises. The project featured a sophisticated floating barge system comprising multiple barges equipped with gangways, each housing a single pump unit. Anti-grounding floats were integrated into the barge design to prevent grounding, enhancing operational safety and reliability. With a capacity of 6300 gallons per minute (GPM) at 46 feet of Total Dynamic Head (TDH), each pump unit, specified as a quantity of four base-mounted c-face GPM-Eliminator pumps (BCFR14183S125-8T4-16.95-CD4-76), which boasted a robust 125 horsepower (hp) motor operating at 900 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 460 volts. This innovative system ensures efficient water retrieval from the tailings basin, facilitating its reuse within the plant and optimizing operational sustainability and resource management.

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