Jetting Nozzle Pump Skid

Ensuring a reliable water supply to the jetting nozzles on the bottom ash
hoppers at a coal-fired power plant demands precision and reliability. To
meet this critical need, this meticulously engineered comprehensive system
was custom-designed. This system comprises of two Flowserve pumps, each
mounted on a 9ft x 17ft x 6″ skid, and includes 8″ and 12″ FRP piping,
butterfly valves, check valves, expansion joints, and a Duplex Control panel
equipped with starters and disconnects for seamless operation.
At the heart of this system are the two Flowserve 41K8X4-19RV pumps.
These pumps, part of the Mark 3 Group 4 CD4 series, can deliver 1250
gallons per minute (gpm) against a head of 335 feet. Powered by 200
horsepower (hp) motors operating at 1800 revolutions per minute (rpm) and
designed for 560 volts, these pumps ensure consistent and efficient water
delivery to the jetting nozzles. This meticulously engineered system
exemplifies the commitment to reliability and performance required in the
demanding environment of a coal-fired power plant.

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