Mine Mill Water Reclaim Pump Skid

The Mine Mill Water Reclaim Pump Skids were inspired by the Taconite Mine Pit Dewatering Pump Station design without the enclosure. These skids were crafted to facilitate efficient water reclamation from the tailings pond, ensuring optimal operational performance. Each of the three skids features a Cornell 81024MX-CD4-F12DB pump capable of moving water at 4,000 gallons per minute (GPM) at 445 feet of total dynamic head (TDH). The pumps are powered by 800 horsepower (hp) motors, operating at 1800 revolutions per minute (rpm) and 4160 volts, coupled with Toshiba Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for precise control and energy efficiency. This setup exemplifies reliability and effectiveness in reclaiming water from the tailings pond, meeting the demands of high-volume operations while minimizing environmental impact.

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