Raw Water Supply Pump House

The Raw Water Supply Pump House, designed to serve a water treatment plant, embodies precision engineering tailored to meet the water supply demands of a northern Minnesota city. The pumps are anchored on a floating barge with an enclosure and gangway extending from the shore. Central to its operation are two Flowserve 08EML FPD – B30 Vertical Turbine Pumps, each capable of delivering a steady flow of 400 gallons per minute (GPM) at an impressive head of 277 feet. Powered by robust 50 horsepower (hp) motors, these pumps operate at 3600 revolutions per minute (rpm) and 460 volts, ensuring consistent and reliable water supply to the treatment plant. This floating pump house also utilizes National Sanitation Foundation (NFS) rated piping. This meticulously designed system epitomizes efficiency and reliability, catering to the stringent requirements of raw water management for water treatment processes.

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