Taconite Mine Pit Dewatering Pump Station

The Taconite Mine Pit Dewatering Pump Station is a testament to precision engineering tailored to address the unique challenges of dewatering operations in mining environments. Primarily tasked with pumping clean water containing minor solids and fines from runoff water, this application specified a Cornell 81024MX centrifugal pump. Under Condition Point 1, operating in parallel, the pump efficiently delivers 2500 US gallons per minute (USGPM) against a head of 550 feet, with an approximate speed of 1630 revolutions per minute (RPM), generating 509 horsepower (HP) with an efficiency rating of 68%. Transitioning to Condition Point 2, still in parallel operation, the pump maintains a consistent flow of 2500 USGPM, now against a higher head of 700 feet, at an approximate speed of 1820 RPM, requiring 684 HP to achieve an efficiency of 65%. Powering this operation is a Toshiba Dura-Bull TX® Motor, boasting 800 horsepower, operating at 1800 RPM, and designed for 4000 volts, 60 Hz, and three-phase power, with a current draw of 105 amps. This integrated system exemplifies reliability and efficiency, essential for sustaining continuous dewatering operations in a challenging mining environment.

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