GPM is a USA-Made Industrial Pump Manufacturer

At GPM, we offer a variety of durable, reliable, dependable, and USA-made slurry and dewatering solutions for various industries. We believe the customer always comes first, so our pump professionals are dedicated to finding the right solutions for each unique application.

Durable. Reliable. Dependable.

GPM-Eliminator™ Pumps

Since 1989, GPM has been a world-leading manufacturer of horizontal and submersible pumps for a variety of applications. Our USA made pumps are built with materials that last so you can depend on them to get the job done.

Submersible Pumps

GPM-Eliminator™ submersible pumps are built for the toughest applications.

Mixer Pumps

GPM-Eliminator™ mixer pumps are built for the toughest applications.

Extended Shaft Pumps

GPM-Eliminator™ extended shaft pumps are built for the toughest applications.

High Head Pumps

GPM-Eliminator™ high head pumps are built for high head dewatering applications

Monobloc Pumps

GPM-Eliminator™ monobloc pumps are built for the toughest applications.

Horizontal Pumps

GPM-Eliminator™ horizontal pumps are built for the toughest applications.

As good as new

Service & Repair

Our certified technicians work to bring serviceable pumps back to their original equipment manufacturer specifications and tolerances using OEM parts.

We believe that good as new really means as good as new.

Get a pump unique to your work

Engineered Pump Solutions

We understand that not every predesigned pump will meet your specifications. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide custom solutions for our customers. With our custom solutions, including pumps, pump houses, skids, and more, that not only fulfill your unique requirements but also maximize efficiency and performance.

NationWide Distribution

GPM-Eliminator™ Distributor Network

With over 40 years of experience, GPM has established itself as a leader in the industry, providing reliable solutions for even the most challenging pumping applications.

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Who is GPM?

A Solutions Driven Team

We provide our customer with high-value, quality products, services, and solutions that are on time, designed to operate in a variety of applications, and meant to help gain or maintain their distinct competitive advantage.

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