Eliminator Accessories

Standard Agitator Enhance slurry pumping performance with our standard agitator, designed to mix solids at the suction eye. This reliable solution ensures smooth operation and maximizes your system’s efficiency. Spray Ring When your sump is full of slurry or you’re pumping thick, heavy media, our GPM spray ring is your go-to solution. It keeps solids […]

Engineered Pump Solutions Portfolio

Leachate Storage Pond Pump Skid The prefabricated pump skid and enclosure system was meticulously engineered to address the specific needs of managing water collected in the landfill leachate storage pond, ensuring efficient discharge to the landfill leachate sump. Featuring two self-priming centrifugal pumps, the system operates seamlessly, automatically adjusting its operation based on water levels […]

In-House Capabilities

Service & Repair GPM provides world-class service & repair capabilities to hundreds of customers across North America. The GPM Service & Repair Center offers a wide variety of industrial pump repair services and other rotating equipment repair back to OEM specifications and tolerances. Service & Repair Our team specializes in the repair of rotating equipment, […]

Steel & Metal Manufacturing

The GPM-Eliminator™ is engineered to handle the toughest and most demanding industries, and steel and metal manufacturing is one of the harshest. Coming standard with Class H insulation, overheating is an issue of the past. Say goodbye to corrosion due to slag & scale with the GPM-Eliminator. We’ll ensure your operation runs 24/7/365. 
 Download the […]


Pumps are used for various critical municipal processes, including raw water supply, wastewater treatment and conveyance, stormwater management, high-service pumping, backwash, and chemical treatment applications within the municipal infrastructure. Given the critical nature of municipal pumps and systems, reliability is paramount. GPM has partnered with some of the industry’s biggest and most reliable pump manufacturers […]

Pulp & Paper

Pulp and paper manufacturing is a silent killer of pumps. Pumps in paper/pulp mills often handle staples, glass, sand, and other stringy mixtures. Inevitably, the pump wears rapidly and gets clogged, which tacks on a hefty maintenance/repair bill. The GPM-Eliminator™ handles such combinations of materials with ease. Cut down on your yearly pump maintenance bill […]

Power Generation

The GPM-Eliminator™ is known for its ability to pump up to 70% solids anywhere from 1″ to 4.5″ in diameter, depending on the model. The GPM-Eliminator’s clearance isn’t the only factor supplementing its ability to handle solids easily. Another is using high chrome iron on the liquid end of the pump to allow for even […]


The GPM-Eliminator™ line of pumps was designed with the mining industry specifically in mind. Whether you need to dewater an open pit or transport slurry/abrasive materials – see how the GPM-Eliminator will tackle almost every application in your mining operation. Downlaod the Application Matrix Slurry GPM understands the importance of smooth operation and continuous production […]

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